Sunday, September 29, 2013

Season 21 Pre-Offseason

Hello out there...

After a season in which I changed jobs and had to worry about moving to another state, my team made it to the world series. So, I will no longer be an active commissioner since clearly the less time I put in, the better my team plays!

Just kidding...

Here is a recap of Season 20:

World Series Results: Kansas City over Charleston (4-2)
AL MVP - Aurelio Arias (Har)
AL Cy Young - Koji Chang (Chr)
AL ROY - Jarod Valentine (Far)
AL Fireman - Emmanuel Lopez (Jax)
NL MVP - Sven Owen (KC)
NL Cy Young - Shin-Soo Ishida (TB)
NL ROY - Andre Lee (CSP)
NL Fireman - Javier Sosa (Ana)


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