Sunday, December 9, 2012

Season 18 Welcome to New Owners

Wanted to make a short post to thank our new owners...

Augusta Kennebeds (AL East) - mmeier
*Franchise was formerly the New York Black Yankees

Oakland Assgrabbers (AL West) - chrisjanning
*Franchise was formerly the Vancouver Spirit Bears

Toronto Blues (NL North) - cmonman
*Franchise was formerly the Syracuse Jack Wagons

Columbus Eagles (NL North) - bobbyjoe1988
*Franchise was formerly the Salt Lake City Pukin Dogs

Chicago Holy Soxs (AL North) - wheeler
*Franchise was formerly Chicago Cocophonous Waves

Baltimore oriole (NL East) - alien11
*Franchise was formerly the Wichita Lineman

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Season 17 World Series and Season Recap

The Montreal Royals beat the Las Vegas Lightning in a 7 game series.  It was a great series where the home team won each game until game 7 where the Montreal Royals scored 2 in the 9th to complete a comeback.

There series ended up like this:

Game 1 - Montreal (5) at Las Vegas (6)
Game 2 - Montreal (6) at Las Vegas (12)
Game 3 - Las Vegas (0) at Montreal (1)
Game 4 - Las Vegas (6) at Montreal (9)
Game 5 - Las Vegas (3) at Montreal (5)
Game 6 - Montreal (3) at Las Vegas (4)
Game 7 - Montreal (8) at Las Vegas (7)

Season Awards

AL - Sam Knotts (ATL)
NL - Sven Owen (KC)

Cy Young
Wladimir Uribe (ATL)
Placido Merced (CSP)

Rookie of the Year
Jered Taylor (CHR)
Wallace Everett (PAW)

Fireman of the Year
Haywood Mills (SAL)
Roy Payton (MC)

The league is eligible to roll on 12/6.

What was the best Season 19 off-season move in High Fives?