Monday, April 1, 2013

Season 19 NL Predictions


Key Additions: Oswaldo Ortiz (minors)
Key Subtractions: Kenneth Whitten, Rex Mintz, Gabby Sefcik
Summary: Pawtucket lost a lot of ML talent, but paid the price to get a future ace in Oswaldo Ortiz. They now have a bright future with Harley Owen, Garland Bryant, and Ortiz. I think the division is Pawtucket’s to lose as the other three teams in the NL North didn’t make a whole lot of improvements in this off-season.
Prediction: 96-66

Key Additions: None
Key Subtractions: None
Summary: Buffalo did not make a lot of moves this off-season. It will be tough to predict a record here, but I see a step back due to Pawtucket being the best team in the division.
Prediction: 76-86

Key Additions: Christopher Malone
Key Subtractions: None
Summary: Malone should help stabilize this rotation, but there just isn’t a lot of major league talent on the ML team. Should see a similar record as last year as Buffalo, Rochester, and Scranton should beat up on each other.
Prediction: 78-84

Key Additions: None
Key Subtractions: None
Summary: I feel like a broken record over the last few team summaries, but when you weren’t very good last year and you don’t make many moves to improve your roster, there isn’t much different to say. There is a chance that Scranton could call up Trent McNamara, and that might move Scranton into position to contend for 2nd place, but that’s about it.
Prediction: 80-82


Key Additions: None
Key Subtractions: None
Summary: Huntington didn’t make many moves this off-season, but they won statistically the weakest division last year. With a 77-85 record, Huntington squeaked into the playoffs and then made a quick exit. They still have one of the best teams in this division, but they better watch out for Cincinnati.
Prediction: 80-82

San Juan
Key Additions: None
Key Subtractions: None
Summary: San Juan didn’t make too many moves this off-season either, and I’m not sure I see much room for improvement. I think there is a long-term rebuild plan in place, and this division is weak enough to do so. Should see a decline in wins due to the rise of the mighty Stingers.
Prediction: 62-100

Key Additions: Felipe Torrealba, Willie James, Jack Stafford, Sam Knotts, Elston Park
Key Subtractions: None
Summary: If you like spending money, Cincinnati wet your whistle this off-season spending a combined $107.8M on 5 FA’s (listed above) for a combined 13 years of playing time. What does that mean? Cincy has a 2-year time frame to JUST WIN BABY! I look for them to win the division pretty easily, and then in 2 years have a complete rebuild.
Prediction: 85-77

Key Additions: None
Key Subtractions: None
Summary: Things can’t get much worse for Philadelphia, but then again, there isn’t much talent on this ML roster either. I look for an improvement on the win total because ewells seems to be in it for the long haul, and they won’t start the season with an abandoned franchise.
Prediction: 52-110


Tampa Bay
Key Additions: Earl Shields
Key Subtractions: Julian Grabowski, Danny Darwin
Summary: Tampa Bay lost 2 very good position players, but softened the blow by re-signing arguably the best FA in the class in Angel Bennett. They also landed Earl Shields in FA to help with the loss of Danny Darwin. Part of me says that TB’s SP over-performed last year with 50 different people winning 15 games (at least it seemed that way). If that comes back down to reality, the win total might decrease slightly, but they will still be up there fighting Kansas City to the very end.
Prediction: 108-54

Kansas City
Key Additions: Saul Bonilla
Key Subtractions: Benji Reyes, Vic Villafuerte,
Summary: The rich keep getting richer. Kansas City seems to add another 1-2 future stars to its farm system every year while keeping all of its ML talent. This off-season was no different by adding Saul Bonilla. Bonilla’s value lies primarily as a DH, but KC can use him as a C for now. Losing Reyes and Villafuerte won’t hurt too bad as it’s who’s up next for the KC team. I look for another strong regular season performance followed by another deep playoff run.
Prediction: 110-52

Mexico City
Key Additions: Davey Wilson
Key Subtractions: None
Summary: Mexico City did the impossible last year, outlasting Tampa Bay and Kansas City in the playoffs and making it to the WS. Richmond make quick work of them, but with the addition of Davey Wilson’s bat, MC might have enough to take on TB and KC in the regular season as well.
Prediction: 95-67

New Orleans
Key Additions: None
Key Subtractions: Hank Boskie
Summary: Well, what can you say about the BIG easy, except that playing in this division is anything but easy. New Orleans should take advantage of what appears to be several high draft picks over the next few years and look to build up its farm talent in what is the best division in this world.
Prediction: 70-92


Las Vegas
Key Additions: Matthew Serrano, Howard Cox, Hank Boskie
Key Subtractions: None
Summary: Las Vegas continued to make improvements to its team by adding SP depth and a solid bat in Boskie. Serrano and Cox are versatile enough to start or add LR depth. I still worry a little about Vegas’ lineup, but statistically they were pretty good last year.  With Colorado Springs going through a semi-rebuild and the California teams struggling to compete, Las Vegas run on this division will continue.
Prediction: 96-66

Colorado Springs
Key Additions: Benji Reyes
Key Subtractions: Davey Wilson
Summary: Colorado Springs continues to hang in their in terms of talent to compete on the ML level, but losing Wilson really hurts their lineup. This owner is very good and will have the team competing for division titles again very soon. Look for them at the top in the very near future.
Prediction: 84-78

San Francisco
Key Additions: Dante Golub
Key Subtractions: Earl Shields
Summary: San Fran did a great job in trading for a talent like Golub. He should dramatically help the SF offense. Still not sure if there is enough SP to compete with Las Vegas or CSP, but this team plays good defense and with timely hitting, they will continue to be competitive.
Prediction: 85-77

Key Additions: None
Key Subtractions: None
Summary: Anaheim has plenty of money to spend but didn’t quite go all Cincinnati on this off-season. Look for them to make some mid-season moves to acquire some talent. Other than the hope for a better future, not a lot of bright spots on the Anaheim ML roster right now. They didn’t have a pitcher win more than 9 games last year, which makes it tough to compete for a division title.
Prediction: 61-101

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