Thursday, March 7, 2013

Season 18 World Series Preview

6. Atlanta Aliens (99-63) vs. 6. Mexico City Margaritas (92-70)

Game 1: Pritchett (ATL; 17-8, 2.75) vs. Ausmus (MC; 14-10, 3.32)
Game 2: Uribe (ATL; 22-5, 2.22)  vs. Salvador (MC; 15-7, 4.00)
Game 3: Atchley (MC; 13-11, 4.79)  vs. Crosby (9-6, 2.81)

*PredictionWell, just as predicted both #6 seeds advance to the world series. First, I just want to say that I think Atlanta has the deepest team in the AL along with Salem, so they are not your average #6 seed. Mexico City, all I have to say is I believe I am the sole reason you are in the world series... every time I pick you, you win! Well, that and the fact that you have to be slipping your opponents some of that "Mexican water." Back to baseball, I have to believe that ratings will prevail here and Atlanta will make quick work of Mexico City. I think Atlanta takes this in 4 or 5 games. One last thing... you are welcome Mexico City.

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